About MatesNation

About us

G’Day Mates!

Our name says it all, “Matesmeetup” is a proudly Australian owned and operated social network platform.

Matesmeetup has been created with a core mission to a worldwide networking with an idea of building relationships / friendships in a unique way.

Unlike most other social network platforms, Matesmeetup is a pay-to-use platform which can be uniquely and wisely be used as a free platform as well by earning points and Affiliate revenue. We pride ourselves in creating a unique place to bring people from all walks of life together. We aimed to cover most categories / areas in life such as family, business, work, etc and still working on new features.

By joining Matesmeetup you will be ensuring the development and life of the social network remain to grow. Our points and affiliate systems will surely encourage and help you be an active member in our platform.

Matesmeetup will very soon feature Apps for both IOS and Android users while adding more functionality as time goes by and our network of Mates grow.

So why not get started Mate! Create your Matesmeetup account to start Meeting up with your Mates online from around the world and start sharing your photos, videos, trade, showcase your business, etc. Connect with likeminded people and most of all have fun using our website. Thank you for reading!

Kind regards

Matesmeetup Admin Team