Sneaker Resale Game with Canadian Sellers to North America

Sneaker Resale Game with Canadian Sellers to North America

This community-based sneaker startup is ensuring that sneaker lovers can get the sneakers they want and avoid paying resale fees. Since 2018, Menairshoes has been building tools and resources for every stage of sneaker release-from tracking the release information, to processing on the day of release, inventory replenishment, or among community members. SoleSavy's monitoring of retail product releases is meticulous, and it is working hard at each stage of the launch of shoes to make the community it creates more accessible to sports shoes and make them more interesting. Before any release, SoleSavy strives to capture rumors and leaks internally, not just breaking down the photos and providing a definite release date, to educate the community on the background, details and the story behind each sneaker. The platform also provides exclusive information—for example, early access links—and a comprehensive release guide. This is a one-stop shop for discount day information, including inventory numbers, retailers, and links. Providing hands-on 1:1 support, SoleSavy prepares each key version for its members, answers questions, and provides best practices for success.

SoleSavy even helps you keep abreast of all the sneakers Raffles, New Jordan giving you the opportunity, and tracking which ones you enter through the SoleSavy app. When the police, SoleSavy's latest help tool allows members to cut precious seconds of the automatic filling of Chrome personal information in the checkout process, as well as member assistance, where any active member can help other users. And when you think the day of release has come and gone, SoleSavy will help you stay at the top of restocking and shock decline. Due to recent shipping delays, Sneakers have restocked more than you can imagine-you won’t find most restocking links on sneaker Twitter because they are usually sold out faster than copy and paste to Twitter. . The Drop Alerts function in the SoleSavy app can also help you keep track of all of this on the fly. Personalize your reminder, and you will get an instant reminder of the shoes you want and take you directly to the checkout. To ensure that everyone can eat it, SoleSavy is going beyond retail distribution. SoleSavy has directly sold more than 2 million U.S. dollars in hard-to-buy sneakers to members, and has hosted more than 500,000 U.S. dollars in sneaker giveaways.

What's next? SoleSavy provides members with a brand new trading platform without the high cost of other after-sales service platforms. Due to the community-based approach, users are also more aware of who they are buying, and thus have a closer connection with the collection. Yeezy Shoes is cultivating a new experience for sneaker lovers, through the unique combination of community and technology, to solve their biggest challenges. More importantly, it brings fun and ease back to the collection, unlocking tools and resources, and making sneakers more accessible. As the end of the year approaches, sneaker fans and fashion enthusiasts are preparing to clean their closets to make room for next year's grails. In order to make these shoe collections easier to make money, eBay is continuing to strengthen its sneaker resale game to provide sellers on the market with new offers. In addition to abolishing sellers’ fees for sports shoes, eBay also extended its authenticity guarantee to the United States, giving Canadians the opportunity to sell sports shoes to the world’s largest sports shoe market.


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