This Woodsy Air Force 1 Shadow Coming With Poetic Message

This Woodsy Air Force 1 Shadow Coming With Poetic Message

Thanks to Travis Scott's initial ridicule, the conversation around the latest SoleFly x Air Jordan 1 Fearless quickly turned into a rant. Now, after a period of calm, images of better shoes have finally surfaced. According to the retailer, the color scheme combines elements of the 93-year-old aerial carnivore and the Nike SB dunk low "bison" element. The influence of the latter is immediately obvious, and its red color is expressed on the lower AJ1 forefoot. Surrounding it is the same bold pattern, and its animal-like prints—when paired with the carved brown counter—reflect the patterns found on more professional trainers. Except for the rubber sole, the structure in other places has no color, and dark black suede leather is mainly chosen. Like its successful classics, Nike Waffle One also has clean and simple color schemes. This wine is of course no exception. The upper part is a combination of bright yellow and purple red. The latter is found in quite a few shoes. In addition to the obvious, angular heel clip, crimson skirt padded collar and veil layer throughout the base. Black suede sits on the eyes and stays on the toes; yellow accents are found along the Swoosh, collar, and internal structure; and the white neutral midsole and lace unit provide a quiet way of farewell.

Those who are obsessed with mixed fitness or circuit training may know "12 Days of Christmas", which is an exhausting day of exercise, New Jordan including 12 different exercises, with the traditional "12 Days of Christmas" song . This exercise includes 1 poppy, 2 pull-ups, 3 knees to elbows, 4 box jumps, 5 kettlebells (hold your breath), 6 AbMat sit-ups, 7 air squats, 8 1 hammering, 9 wall balls (drinking water), 10 push-ups, 11 push-ups, 12 thrusters. Nike jokingly recognizes the tradition of this training cult with a special Nike MetCon 7 color in multi-color fashion, but external labels to keep you honest when conducting this training. The one on the left foot is the first to the 6th time, and the one on the right foot is the remaining 7th to the 12th time. Every detail has a specific movement and weight. The graphic features of the insole and heel are all 12 tabs scattered, encouraging you to look at the finish.

Air Force 1 Shadow is an avant-garde deconstruction of Nike Air Force 1. Menairshoes introduces a series of bold color schemes and remixes the classic look of AF 1. This silhouette designed specifically for women shows its versatility. It deviates from its distinctive style and delivers a rather low-key style, which is sure to be suitable for the upcoming autumn. This new leather and suede figure starts with a smooth leather base of sail tones, with a midsole in a matching shade. Covered in gray suede, while applying shaded signature layering technology. The grey mix is ​​then offset by the brown accent, which serves as the heel label, air brand rubber overlay, and outsole. The last bit of soft color, the lace dubrae and the label on the tongue are soft blue. The well-thought-out color palette has led to a new design that is of course lifestyle-friendly, but without losing any of the inherent fun of shadows. What really distinguishes these shadows from other works is the poetic message that exists on the left insole of the shoe.


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